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Company Overview

Rooted in China, eecart is a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) solution provider serving the globe, whose prototyped PCB, volume-produced PCBs and assembled PCBs have been serving numerous fields covering telecommunication, aerospace, industrial control, medical care, consumer electronics, automotives, IoT etc.


Our business target is to provide optimal quality with LOW prices.

There are actually different choices of quality and service you could find and source from China. We’ve been trying our best to make our products with the best values.

We offer competitive prices in the world market. Not only prototype PCBs, from eecart, you could also find selected China components with reliable quality and competitive prices, also competitive assembly prices for prototype or small to medium volume.

We focus on quality and service. We conform to strict quality inspection for shipped PCB and assembled PCB manufactured under IPC standard. We also control the components quality strictly so that we have full ability to avoid fake components to ensure the high quality and performance of our products. Each single component has to be carefully inspected prior to its application at eecart.


Our company was established in 2005 and has been striving to provide quickturn prototype PCBs to the electronics market around the world for the achievement of optimal quality and services.

The one-stop service helps reducing customers’ time and cost. Eecart is our online Quoting and Ordering system that makes it easy and convenient for customers to order prototype PCB, full-feature PCB, electronic components and assembly service as integration.


As a company contributing to the development and progress of electronics-concerning products and companies, eecart has to focus on manufacturing capability improvement in order to be compatible with current trend of electronics including miniaturization, light weight, high density and multiple functions etc.

After more than a decade’s continual efforts, eecart’s progress in all aspects of PCB solutions has been witnessed from head to toe. 

On one hand, eecart is capable of producing full-feature PCBs covering almost all types like flexible PCB, flex-rigid PCB, HDI PCB, metal core PCB etc. apart from PCB prototypes and ordinary circuit boards. 

On the other hand, eecart has made dramatic progress in terms of PCBA capability. Up to now, eecart is capable of implementing both THT (through hole technology) and SMT (surface mount technology) assembly under one roof, helping customers improve reliability and reduce cost.

Eecart, Quality with Low Price. Register now and feel it.

About Us

Please visit eecart on the desktop or PC end for electronic components and orders.